Recruiting and Placement

Success in the modern, technology-driven legal landscape involves more than just implementing the right tools—it requires having the right people on board. Our Recruiting and Placement service at 273 Ventures is designed to build your team with the talent you need to excel in this evolving environment.

We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and network to help you identify, recruit, and place the right talent that can drive your legal tech strategy forward. Whether you require legal tech specialists, data scientists, or leaders who understand the intersection of law and technology, we find the individuals who fit your needs and align with your organization's culture.

Our expertise doesn't just match skills to job descriptions—we consider your firm's or department's strategic goals, the evolving legal technology landscape, and the specific dynamics of your team. We help you build a team that's not just ready for today's challenges but also prepared for tomorrow's opportunities.

Our experience includes engagements such as:

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