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Daniel Martin Katz Gives the Opening Address at the LegalTech Fund (TLTF) Summit 2023

An Overview of Generative AI in Law and Eleven Days that Defined the Year in (Legal) AI

An Overview of Generative AI in Law and Eleven Days that Defined the Year in (Legal) AI

This week, our 273 Ventures Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, Daniel Martin Katz, had the opportunity to give the opening address for The LegalTech Fund (TLTF) Summit at the JW Marriott Turnberry Resort in Miami - a three-day, invitation-only event designed to connect innovators, thought leaders, and visionaries who are actively shaping the future of law.

Dan provided an overview of Generative AI in Law and highlighted Eleven Days that Defined the Year in (Legal) AI.

Generative AI in Law

With a focus on fostering high-value, relationship-driven interactions, TLTF is uniquely an in-person event, allowing attendees to engage directly with industry pioneers. The summit featured a diverse lineup of speakers, including technologists, entrepreneurs, and industry specialists, who discussed current challenges and future directions in the legal sector. Expert panelists also covered a range of topics from industry best practices to the latest trends in legal technology.

“It was one of the best events of 2023 and I was very thankful to be included - congrats to the entire TLTF team for putting together this amazing collection of individuals and organizations,” Daniel Martin Katz, Chief Strategy Officer @ 273 Ventures.


The 273 Ventures team has developed the Kelvin Legal Data OS to organize and connect data from various structured and unstructured sources, including documents like contracts and briefs, timekeeping entries, and laws and rules. Kelvin ships with automation for legal-specific use cases, like due diligence and regulatory monitoring, as well as connectors for common systems like Aderant and TeamConnect. Kelvin is LLM-agnostic, with support for practically all commercially available large language models, including GPT-4, Claude, and Llama 2. Kelvin is a modern purpose-built platform specifically designed for the legal industry, with an emphasis on compliance with information security standards and data protection laws. Kelvin can run on your own physical server or private cloud, on a developer’s laptop, or in any public or hybrid cloud environment.

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