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273 Ventures' CSO, Daniel Martin Katz, Presents at Legal AI Pathfinder's Assembly

Two Arcs of Maturity in Generative AI for Law

Two Arcs of Maturity in Generative AI for Law

On December 7th, 273 Ventures’ CSO and co-founder, Daniel Martin Katz, presented at the Legal AI Pathfinder’s Assembly in New York City at the offices of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP.

In the opening discussion, Dan was interviewed by Marlene Gebauer, Assistant Director of Innovation at Mayer Brown, and Greg Lambert, the Chief Knowledge Services Officer at the law firm of Jackson Walker.

Dan focused the discussion on one slide shown below. This slide highlighted two independent arcs of maturity – focusing both on progressions with the underlying large language models themselves, as well as additional engineering enhancements. As detailed in our recent post on the future for Generative A.I. in Law, we see a world of legal specific foundational models (i.e., Legal GPTs) which are connected to and combined with domain specific legal tools/methods through an orchestration layer (via legal agents).

Two Arcs of Maturity

A recent article about the Legal AI Pathfinder’s Assembly, noted “Dan equated this progression and journey to a slow and systemic climb – as opposed to summiting Mount Everest overnight (which a lot of the hype would have us believe). Clearly, a lot of fine-tuning has yet to take place moving forward, as these models require an exceptional “information diet” – along with a need to balance ethical walls and information security.”

2023 marked a significant year in the advancement of generative AI, where law firms are at a crucial juncture, for developing strategies for investing in, educating about, and deploying AI technologies. The 273 / Kelvin.Legal Team is working to bring market leading Legal A.I. solutions to the market. 2024 may prove to be an even bigger year!


The 273 Ventures team has developed the Kelvin Legal Data OS to organize and connect data from various structured and unstructured sources, including documents like contracts and briefs, timekeeping entries, and laws and rules. Kelvin ships with automation for legal-specific use cases, like due diligence and regulatory monitoring, as well as connectors for common systems like Aderant and TeamConnect. Kelvin is LLM-agnostic, with support for practically all commercially available large language models, including GPT-4, Claude, and Llama 2. Kelvin is a modern purpose-built platform specifically designed for the legal industry, with an emphasis on compliance with information security standards and data protection laws. Kelvin can run on your own physical server or private cloud, on a developer’s laptop, or in any public or hybrid cloud environment.

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