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273 Ventures @ Bonny Doon, "A Deep Dive Into AI for Legal"

273 Ventures presents at Bonny Doon

273 Ventures presents at Bonny Doon

273 Ventures’ CEO, Michael Bommarito, and Chief Risk Officer, Jillian Bommarito, presented yesterday at Bonny Doon’s Meeting, “A Deep Dive Into AI for Legal” - an event dedicated to examining the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the legal sector.

Michael Bommarito conducted a fireside chat, elucidating the fundamentals of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their implications for the legal industry. Furthermore, he facilitated a workshop focused on the development of AI-enhanced LegalTech tools, providing practical insights into the application of AI within legal practices.

Jillian Bommarito participated in a panel discussion which addressed the rapidly changing regulatory and risk management environment, offering her expertise on the challenges and opportunities this presents for the legal field.

The meeting provided a comprehensive overview of the integration of AI in legal services, highlighting its potential to redefine law firm operations, corporate legal department strategies, and legal education. The involvement of Michael and Jillian from 273 Ventures exemplifies our firm’s commitment to leading innovation in legal technology.


The 273 Ventures team has developed the Kelvin Legal Data OS to organize and connect data from various structured and unstructured sources, including documents like contracts and briefs, timekeeping entries, and laws and rules. Kelvin ships with automation for legal-specific use cases, like due diligence and regulatory monitoring, as well as connectors for common systems like Aderant and TeamConnect. Kelvin is LLM-agnostic, with support for practically all commercially available large language models, including GPT-4, Claude, and Llama 2. Kelvin is a modern purpose-built platform specifically designed for the legal industry, with an emphasis on compliance with information security standards and data protection laws. Kelvin can run on your own physical server or private cloud, on a developer’s laptop, or in any public or hybrid cloud environment.

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