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273 Ventures Announces Nicola Shaver as Strategic Advisor

Nicola Shaver joins strategic advisory board

Nicola Shaver joins strategic advisory board


Chicago, IL - March 26, 2024

We are pleased to announce that Nicola Shaver - leader in legal innovation and technology - has joined 273 Ventures as our newest strategic advisor. Nicola stands out as a distinguished figure in legal innovation and technology, with an impressive career that spans over two decades in the legal industry. Her background includes ten years of practicing law at top-tier firms and Fortune 500 companies, coupled with nearly a decade of leadership in innovation roles at international law firms. Nicola’s unparalleled success in running global teams across multiple functions — such as innovation, legal technology, knowledge management, client value, and research services — has led to significant achievements in business transformation and enterprise-wide change management.

Nicola’s approach to transforming legal practices is both innovative and award-winning. Her methods draw on best practices from outside the legal industry, including service design, product management, and agile project management, earning her accolades like the ILTA Innovative Leader of the Year in 2020 and recognition for her team as ILTA’s Innovator of the Year. As an entrepreneur, Nicola co-founded Legaltech Hub, becoming a leading source for legaltech education and insights. Additionally, she’s an adjunct professor at Cardozo Law School, a frequent consultant on AI and legal innovation, and an advisor to global legal tech companies. With her extensive contributions to the field, including authoring The Handbook for Legal Innovation, Nicola is celebrated as a trailblazer in legal operations and technology.

“I’ve been consistently impressed by the work produced by 273 Ventures, which takes a data-first approach to intelligent AI solutions. Every step taken by the team has been deliberate and thoughtful, laying out a solution matrix for legal organizations and allowing them to solve problems in a way that lays a foundation for future growth. I’m delighted to take on an advisory role,” Nicola Shaver, Strategic Advisor @ 273 Ventures.

Nicola’s insights and expertise in legal innovation make her an invaluable addition to our team. We look forward to the impact Nicola will have on our ventures and the broader legal technology landscape.


The 273 Ventures team has developed the Kelvin Legal Data OS to organize and connect data from various structured and unstructured sources, including documents like contracts and briefs, timekeeping entries, and laws and rules. Kelvin ships with automation for legal-specific use cases, like due diligence and regulatory monitoring, as well as connectors for common systems like Aderant and TeamConnect. Kelvin is LLM-agnostic, with support for practically all commercially available large language models, including GPT-4, Claude, and Llama 2. Kelvin is a modern purpose-built platform specifically designed for the legal industry, with an emphasis on compliance with information security standards and data protection laws. Kelvin can run on your own physical server or private cloud, on a developer’s laptop, or in any public or hybrid cloud environment.

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