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273 Ventures Announces Jae Um as Strategic Advisor

Jae Um joins strategic advisory board

Jae Um joins strategic advisory board


Chicago, IL - November 9, 2023

273 Ventures is pleased to announce the appointment of Jae Um to its strategic advisory board.

Jae has served in several prominent roles across the industry including as the global head of pricing for Baker McKenzie, creating a formidable team of pricing strategists that focused on enhancing commerciality and client relationships. She also played a pivotal role in client service innovation and strategic growth at Seyfarth Shaw, showcasing her talent for driving progress and innovation. As the founder and executive director of Six Parsecs, an insights firm specifically tailored for the legal vertical, Jae has been instrumental in consulting with leadership at top law firms and guiding emerging legal tech companies.

“With over a decade of experience as a leading strategy executive, insights analyst, and business designer in the legal industry, Jae brings a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional track record to our growing organization. Her remarkable ability to turn complex research into engaging, actionable insights has made her a highly respected voice among the legal community. We are so thrilled that Jae Um has agreed to join our Strategic Advisory Board,” Daniel Martin Katz, Chief Strategy Officer @ 273 Ventures.

“The team at 273 Ventures brings together leading expertise in computational law with real-world experience in bringing innovations to market. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of their journey. We are at a critical juncture for the legal profession, and I believe 273 Ventures will play a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption and advancement of AI application in the practice and business of law,” Jae Um, Strategic Advisor @ 273 Ventures.

“At 273 Ventures, we are confident that Jae's guidance will be invaluable in steering our strategies in the rapidly evolving legal market. Her foresight and experience in high-impact roles, coupled with her status as a sought-after consultant by executive leadership of AmLaw 100 law firms, position her as an extraordinary asset to our team. We look forward to her contributions in enhancing our portfolio of offerings and ensuring that our strategies are not only relevant but ahead of the curve. Join us in welcoming Jae Um to our advisory board,” Michael Bommarito, Chief Executive Officer @ 273 Ventures.


The 273 Ventures team has developed the Kelvin Legal Data OS to organize and connect data from various structured and unstructured sources, including documents like contracts and briefs, timekeeping entries, and laws and rules. Kelvin ships with automation for legal-specific use cases, like due diligence and regulatory monitoring, as well as connectors for common systems like Aderant and TeamConnect. Kelvin is LLM-agnostic, with support for practically all commercially available large language models, including GPT-4, Claude, and Llama 2. Kelvin is a modern purpose-built platform specifically designed for the legal industry, with an emphasis on compliance with information security standards and data protection laws. Kelvin can run on your own physical server or private cloud, on a developer's laptop, or in any public or hybrid cloud environment.

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